It’s no secret that getting more subscribers on video-sharing sites is a great way to increase your channel’s visibility and grow your online presence. But when it comes to buying your subscribers, many people have doubts about the legitimacy of these services.

Are these channel subscribers you can purchase actually coming from real people? This article will then take a closer look at the truth behind buying subscribers and whether or not they are from real people.

Are Those Purchased Subscribers Actually Real People?

To understand if the subscribers bought are real people, you need to understand how these services work. There are two different ways to buy channel subscribers for video-sharing sites: manual and automated.

  • Manual: You can manually buy your subscribers by contacting people you know and asking them to subscribe to your channel. If you buy your subscribers manually, you’ll be paying a person to subscribe to your channel. They will open up their app, navigate to your channel, and hit “Subscribe”. At this point, their name will be added to your channel’s subscriber list.
  • Automatic: You can buy your channel subscribers using online services that subscribe people to your channel automatically. This can be done through a web browser or an app on your phone or computer. If you use an automated service, the person whose email you use has not actively subscribed to your channel. Instead, they’ve been programmed to click the “Subscribe” button on your channel.

Why Creators Should Start Buying More Subscribers

Having a large subscriber base means that more people will be likely to view your videos, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get a significant amount of views (unless you’ve bought a ton of subscribers). Now let’s take a look at the benefits of buying subscribers.

  • Building a base of subscribers: Growing your subscriber base can be pretty hard, as it usually takes a lot of time and effort to get your first few hundred subscribers, so you may want to buy your subscribers to help speed up the process. If you’re trying to grow your channel, you may feel a huge sense of accomplishment once you’ve reached 1,000 subscribers.
  • Boosting your engagement: Engagement comes in many forms on video-sharing platforms, but it’s most commonly measured by comments and subscribers. You can buy more subscribers for your channel, as this is one of the easiest ways to increase your engagement.

Best Ways To Buy Real-People Subscribers For Your Channel

There are tons of different websites that offer you the ability to buy subscribers. You should make sure that the website is secure when entering your payment information. Once you’ve found a service and decided on how many subscribers you want to buy, click “Complete Purchase” to move forward. 

Now, you’ll be able to enter your channel details to get those subscribers added to your channel. You’ll also be asked to enter your email, and you’ll receive a confirmation email from the website confirming that your payment has been received. It usually takes around 24 hours to receive all of your new subscribers – and once you do, you’ll boost your channel effectively, making your online presence more known in no time.

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